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Land Back native print hoodie

Land Back native print hoodie

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Exla Cham Luiseno Native Print Black Hoodie

This hoodie is a harmonious blend of contemporary fashion and the rich cultural heritage of the Luiseno people. Made from premium black cotton, the hoodie offers both warmth and style, making it perfect for everyday wear.

The standout feature of the design is the phrase "Exla Cham," which translates to "land back" in the Luiseno language. These powerful words are printed prominently on the chest in a striking teal color. The font is chosen to resonate with the Luiseno script, paying homage to the tribe's historical significance.

Intricate native patterns, inspired by traditional Luiseno art, are subtly woven into the fabric of the hoodie, creating a tactile and visual treat. These designs, though discreet, provide a depth to the hoodie that speaks of stories, traditions, and the enduring spirit of the Luiseno people.

The hoodie's overall design is minimalistic, allowing "Exla Cham" to take center stage, symbolizing the call for reconnection and acknowledgment of indigenous lands. The cuffs, hem, and interior of the hoodie are lined for added comfort, ensuring that the wearer not only makes a statement but also enjoys a cozy experience.

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